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We are now serving!!   We have a full bar menu with loads of bottled beer and these draft beers.   Come on in today for a burger and beer or your favorite mixed drink!! 

Experience a Grand Slam!

My choice off the appetizer menu was the three mini sliders (appetizer price $5.99) served with provolone, Dijon and carmelized onions on mini pretzel buns and fries ($5 special). The portion of fries was very large, and the mini burgers didn’t disappoint either — each burger was about 2.5 inches in diameter.

Being a newbie to pretzel buns, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It had a subtle soft pretzel flavor and texture, with a shiny brown top with a bit of pretzel twist to it. It was the perfect foundation for the medium-rare burgers, the sweet carmelized onions, creamy provolone and the tangy Dijon. Every restaurant needs something that sets them apart, and these pretzel buns are that thing at Sports Center Cafe.

Likewise, the fries were beyond what I expected. They were big chunks of hand-cut potatoes, that had been fried to perfection — a little crispy in places, crunchy in others and soft where they should be — and seasoned with a secret spice that made them pop, somewhat automatically from the plate to my mouth with no forethought involved.

There were a few diners around me and I heard one tell her server that the soup was delicious. I think I’ll try it next time I go back.

Sports Center Cafe is a nice little place to drop into for what I’d gauge as good food. Drop in for a bite, a dessert, a game or a meal and you’ll feel like you’ve made a “winning play.”

Review by Donna Batdorff 
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